How it all began

“Upright Golf was officially born in January, 2002 at the PGA Merchandise Show when I began selling my first product. Like so many senior golfers, my father had bad hip joints, knees, and lower back. So bad that in 2000 he had to quit playing golf as he was no longer able to bend down to tee his ball up. When learning about my dad’s physical limitations, I was determined to create an easy to use golf ball teeing device for him so he could continue playing the game he loved so much. After developing and having the device made by a skilled machinist, I was able to give my dad the original teeing device as an 80th birthday gift. Only with the teeing device that I made, could my dad keep playing golf. He encouraged me to begin manufacturing and selling the device as he knew it could help other seniors golfers. In memory and honor of my dad, I’ve named this unique teeing device Joe’s Original Backtee.”

– Jim Egli

Since that day, Upright Golf has developed the best line of easy to use golf playing aids in the industry. All of our golf products are designed to make the entire game easier and more enjoyable. Particularly if you have problems with your lower back, hip, or knee joints. Upright Golf wants to help golfers hit the ball longer and more often… Hopefully until you’re 90 years old and still able to play every day! Upright Golf products will ship from the USA.

We’re blessed to have so many loyal customers! Thank you so very much for giving us an opportunity to serve you!

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